1970s Summer – Feel the free spirits of nature

18. Juli 2017

This post is meant to inspire you to enjoy summer even more. To get out of bed or sofa, into your cutest summer dress or pants, climb the bike and stroll through the wild.

Feel the free spirits of the light breeze on your skin, listen to the happy birds singing and answer their sweet melodies.


Summertime, time, time
Child, the living’s easy
Fish are jumping out
And the cotton,
Cotton’s high

Janis Joplin, Summertime

1970s summer hippie look1970s summer hippie lookDie deutsche Version des Beitrags findest du hier: 70er Jahre Look – Von Freiheit, einsamer Natur und Spaziergängen mit der Kamera.

The best places to repose are closer than you think

Many people are travelling far, far away to spend the best summer holidays by the seaside or in the mountains. Seeing their beach photos is sometimes a bit depressing as some of us do not have the time or the money to spend our summers abroad. And to be honest – we also do not have to!

This beautiful spot where we took our For Luna Swimwear and 1970s summer photos are just about 15 minutes away from the city centre of Leipzig, where we live. But I have never been at this place before. I do know the lake of Markkleeberg of course, but more the crowded part with all the cafés, restaurants and hundreds of people lying side by side at the smaller and more popular beachside.

On this shooting day I followed the wonderful photographer Anne Krämer, who remembered some cows only a few minutes away from the promenade. So we went for a little walk and ended up at this silent, dreamy place. No voices, no noise, only a a few cows happily chewing their fresh grass and a cyclist crossing our way once in a while.

1970s summer hippie look

A big thanks to Leipzig-based Anne Krämer Photography for all those amazing shots. To see more of her beautiful portraits and landscape photos, you find her on Instagram as well. 

1970s summer hippie look
So Anne and I took a deep breathe and started living in this happy world for two hours. It was a beautiful summer evening and we gained so much strength strolling through the nature, watching the animals and looking at the silent lake.

Those moments show we do not always have to travel so far to find places of peace and happiness. Many of our home countries have beautiful beaches on their own, even cities do – Leipzig is just one of lots of examples. And sometimes this is the best reason to talk a walk in our own towns and cities.

Sometimes we do think we know every corner of the places where we live, but often there is so much more to be discovered than we think.

1970s summer bikini Forluna Swim

1970s summer dresses are never out of fashion

Expressing freedom with fashion

Somehow there is always one special decade that reminds me of easy-going and lighthearted summer days: the 1970s.

After handing in my uni thesis I felt the need to cast off my – what felt like – austere hairstyles, my everyday red lips and high heels and look for a more laid-back and lighter, natural styling. I needed to express the new freedom.

I started searching Etsy* for true vintage 1970s summer dresses and immediately fell in love with this adorable piece. I will always continue my vintage style – especially the 1940s fashion, which I love so much, but this was exactly the dress I needed right now. You know, a woman always needs THE ONE dress that always makes her feel comfortable, no matter how bad the day or the mood is. And I guess this is the one for me.

1970s summer hippie look

Those iconic (and comfortable) 1970s hippie looks

This Marie Claire article is giving you a lovely overview over some iconic 1970s fashion looks. They show that 1970s fashion continued what started in the 1960s: Individual styles, flares, platforms, fringes and lots of amazing female power women and icons to look up to, such as Joni Mitchell, Bianca Jagger or Janis Joplin. It was a wonderful decade of freedom, open minds, hippies, glamour and lots of punk.

So many styles and varieties of dressing up, as different as the musicians and artists of this era. Fashion industry was overflowing. That is why in the early 1970s the Vogue proclaimed:

„There are no rules in the fashion game now.“

The 1960s hippie culture continued in the early 70s. Women showing big love for ethnic fashion, such as Mexican peasant blouses, embroidered Hungarian blouses and ponchos. Ankle-length maxi dresses as well as bright and floral patterns were typical for women’s clothing. The ladies loved accessories made of natural elements, such as wood, shells or stones.

Regarding all the elements of 1970s summer fashion that I just mentioned I do immediately see one thing: They have always been popular, until today. Those maxi dresses are extremely comfortable, summer like winter, those straw hats are not only beautiful but also the perfect companions on sunny days, and 1970s makeup and hair is so natural and quick to do, that this style is not only a go-to look, but also one to feel gorgeous and light with, day and night.

1970s summer hippie look

If you are also looking for such a gorgeous 1970s summer dress, here* are many more unique pieces to find. 

1970s summer hippie look

For Luna – Every good summer day needs the perfect swimwear

There is still one garment that takes me away from this new-to-me 1970s look at back to the decades I am used to – the bikini. A warm summer evening at the lake is only complete with a dip into the silent, cold water.

So I took off my straw hat and jumped into this gorgeous emerald green 1950s inspired swimwear that For Luna kindly gave to me. Normally I would have styled this one with a different makeup and a typical 1950s hairstyle or turban, but in the end I am very happy about these natural and peaceful photos.

It doesn’t always have to be a super fancy hairstyle or makeup!

1970s summer bikini Forluna Swim

1970s summer bikini Forluna Swim

I did dream about such a bikini for quite a long time as the 1950s shape with its higher waist cut is always a wonderful help to shape the body, emphasize the waist and keep the tummy flat.

It makes a woman feel comfortable, even in bigger sizes (this piece is available up to UK size 18). Still it is – matching my motto in this fashion post – very soft and extremely comfortable to wear. And thanks to the good fitting I am sure one can do some serious sports in this bikini and everything remains in place. I can just absolutely recommend this beautiful bikini (or the same as swimsuit if you prefer) as a lovely companion on your warm summer days and evenings. You can find For Luna on this site.

It was getting a bit darker in the sunset and the deep green colour of the bikini was melting with the nature in the background on the photos. Simply a perfect day. Thank you Anne for spending those wonderful hours with me, far away from all the noise of the city.

1970s summer bikini Forluna Swim

In the end I am wishing you all a joyful, sunny, warm, adventurous summertime. Whether you will spend it by the sea, in the mountains, at the lake, in the cafés of the big city or side by side with the cutest cows. You could also take the camera with you on your next strolls and take some photos – or use ours as your inspiration if you like.

What is your absolute favourite comfy summer dress and most beloved swimwear? I am looking forward to read your own summer-countryside stories.

One of these mornings
You’re gonna rise, rise up singing
You’re gonna spread your wings, child
And take, take to the sky

Janis Joplin, Summertime

1970s summer bikini Forluna Swim

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*The bikini was given to me as a sample, still the opinion about this piece is my own. In this post I used affiliate links. In case you buy something via these links I will get a small percentage of the profit. This does not change anything for you, it simply helps me to maintain my website and keep it free from banners. 

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