A Night at the Opera – Glamorous Vintage Styles for a magical winter world

29. November 2016

Your favourite, glamorous vintage styles to enjoy the beauty of magical worlds.

Die Deutsche Version des Beitrags findest du hier: Ein Abend in der Oper Leipzig – festliche retro Mode für deinen glamourösen Auftritt.

Christmas is always a time of magic. A time of fairytales, surprises and old stories. Those stories take you into different worlds, let you dream, fall in love and enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

To me the advent is closely connected to theatre, the ballet or the opera. Plays like Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Swan Lake, Dicken’s Christmas Carol or La Bohème by Puccini take us into mystical and dreamy winter worlds. It is such a joy to dress up and have a magical night out with people you love.

Glamorous Vintage Styles Swing Dress

A big thanks goes to the great photographer Sven by S.O. Professional Fotografie Leipzig, who took all the amazing pictures in this post.

I had the amazing opportunity to do a photo shoot in the beautiful opera house of my city Leipzig. I would like to inspire you with some beautiful and glamorous vintage styles for your own sparkling appearance and take you into the glitzy world of the opera and La Bohème.

Glamourous Vintage Styles for the Opera

The opera of our city Leipzig, which is situated in the eastern part of Germany, is under monumental protection because of its beautiful architecture. All of the interior you see in our photos was created in the 1950s.

I adore the monumental staircase – the floor is covered in ruby carpet and the walls and banisters were purified with beaten gold, which was typical for the interior decoration at that time. The great lamps in the foyer are inspired by blowballs.

Glamorous Vintage Styles Red Velvet Dress

I adore this picture of me wearing the beautiful red velvet dress by Grünten Mode. Behind the windows you see the city centre of Leipzig.

Old Hollywood glamour with Topvintage Looks

Four amazing outfits in different styles show you how many possibilities you have to dress up in a vintage inspired way for a night out.

Concerning the emerald green Velvet Rose Swing Dress* (which is, by the way, a great choice for your visit of the Wizard of Oz) I need to say, that in my own hands it looked even more beautiful than on the pictures. This stunning black mesh overlay with black flock print makes this piece look so precious and luxurious. It is giving you some true 1950s Hollywood glamour!

Glamorous Vintage Styles Swing Dress

Glamorous Vintage Styles Swing Dress

A stain slip dress under the overlay makes it comfortable and adds a lovely swing shape. Transparent silicon straps stop the dress from slipping over the shoulders. I wear this 50s inspired dress with Splendette accessories*, those have a Bakelite inspired look and carved details.

Another outfit that I absolutely fell in love with is this amazing Gigi Jumpsuit*. I adore jumpsuits very much. They are so easy to wear and give you a complete outfit in one single piece! Also those waist belts emphasize and form the body in a beautiful way. The jumpsuit makes a typical fourties outfit with the v-neckline and the pleated bust part.

You can combine this piece with so many different styles. The wool turban* makes the style look a little extravagant and truly unique.

Glamorous Vintage Styles Jumpsuit

The wide legs of the jumpsuit are amazing. I love how they swing while walking. 

Glamorous Vintage Styles Jumpsuit

Make yourself some lovely curls – and even if the hair doesn’t look perfect – put on a turban and you look sassy and classy for your night at the winter wonderland. And the good thing about the turban: You can wear a headpiece without disturbing the Ladies and Gentlemen sitting behind you! The beautiful handbag is decorated with peacock feathers.

These were just two out of many glamourous vintage styles from Topvintage, which is after three years of wearing vintage inspired styles still one of my favourite shops.

Glamorous Vintage Styles Jumpsuit

Detail of jumpsuit and wool turban. With this look I mixed 30s and 40s pieces.

Handmade red velvet dress by Grünten Mode

This adorable red velvet dress was inspired by the 1960s series Mad Men and the incredibly stylish character Joan Harris. Designer Sara is an absolute 60s girl and dedicates herself and her fashion to this swinging decade. I transferred this early 60s dress into a 1940s inspired look.

This dress is made of a high quality fabric and the velvet cotton is extremely soft. The beautiful red colour and the midi cut give it a very classy and elegant look. The cut of the dress is so lovely to wear. So this piece is not only made for your night at the opera but also for a very stylish (and long) Christmas party.

Glamorous Vintage Styles Red Velvet Dress

If you wish to get such a beautiful velvet dress or another one of her 60s inspired pieces, designer Sara is giving you a 10% discount with the code „vintagemaedchen“.

Glamorous Vintage Styles Red Velvet Dress

I combined this dress for a glamourous vintage style with a unique necklace, handmade in the 19th century by well known goldsmith Theodor Fahrner.

Such jewellery pieces are very special and hard to find. The Bohèmian Blue Boutique* on Etsy, who sent me some pieces for this shoot, is specialized in finding such treasures.

Art Dèco beauty from Revival Retro Boutique

This golden beauty caught my eyes at the Revival Retro London event I was happy to visit in September. Revival Retro is an adorable boutique in Fitzrovia, lead by women with great passion for vintage styles and happy ladies. We had the chance to try some beautiful dresses and this one went home to Germany with me.

This Eliza Dress in gold and black is truly my first golden piece in the closet. And now I wonder: Why did I never try gold before? It does not look kitschy or overloaded at all. The lovely art déco pattern and soft fabric made it an absolute favourite of mine.

Glamorous Vintage StylesArt Deco Dress

Glamorous Vintage StylesArt Deco Dress

I love the waist belt and the two flowers – use them as accessoires at your belt or in your hair. A truly feminine and extraordinary dress, which you can also find online. You don’t need a lot of big accessoires with this one. A classy piece like an art déco necklace – the one I wear is from Bohèmian Blue* – makes the look for your night out perfect.

With the code „golddust“ you can save 10% at your next jewellery shopping at Bohèmian Blue.

So now, with all those glamourous vintage styles for you to choose, you can enjoy a magical night out at the Opera.

La Bohème – The Story of a tragic Romance

One of the most frequently performed operas of all times is La Bohème by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. The story of a sweet and tragic relationship takes place in the city of love – Paris, in the 1830s.

La Bohème mirrors the world of Paris‘ penniless bohemians. The four friends Rodolfo, Marcello, Colline and Shaunard are freezing in the cold winter nights above the city rooftops, where they live. As Rodolfo and his poor neighbour Mimi meet, they find themselves falling in love. But this connection is afflicted by misery and death.

Without ever visiting Paris, Puccini captured the city’s atmosphere – from the flair of its small cafes to the bleak frost of a Parisian winter’s day.

Glamorous Vintage Styles la_boheme_puccini_oper_leipzig_2013_foto_tom_schulze_4

Scenes of La Bohème at Oper Leipzig. It is played there since 1991 and celebrates the 100th performance on 3rd December. Pictures by Tom Schulze.

Festliche Retro Mode la_boheme_puccini_oper_leipzig_2013_foto_tom_schulze_3

The brief musical motif is associated with the “Bohemian” life. It was taken from a piece Puccini wrote as a student. Puccini certainly was thinking of his own student days when he composed it. So while La Bohème is often seen as a romance and a story of love, another of the opera’s subject is youth itself: the time that so many people over thirty look back on in amazement, wondering how they could be so happy with so little money to their name.

“In you, I see the dreams I have always longed for.” Rodolfo.

That is why to the audiences this opera is a reminder of the time when their own lives were devoted to friendship, love, laughter, and the belief in endless possibilities.

All those themes, that Christmas time is about. I wish you a wonderful, dreamy and joyful time with your loved ones, whether at home or at the opera.

Is there a theatre, ballet or opera that you love to see at Christmas?

Glamorous Vintage Styles Jumpsuit

Thank you very much Oper Leipzig for the amazing opportunity to shoot in your beautiful house.

*To link to the glamourous vintage styles I used affiliate links. They do not interfere your shopping joy and don’t cost you a penny. But when you shop via these links I will get a small commission which supports my work and helps me to keep the Blog free from ad banners.

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