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23. September 2016

Hier findest du die Deutsche Version des Beitrages: Revival Retro Boutique.

It’s been about three weeks ago that I had a cup of tea with designer Anne from Gracy Q, a vintage inspired brand based in my home town Leipzig. She told me that she got a message from a lovely shop in central London which would like to sell her upcoming spring / summer collection. „Oh how exciting!“ I told her, as I knew this store from Instagram and adore their styles and fashion.

Only two days later, it was myself who got a message from the super sympathetic Revival Retro London shop owner Rowena Howie, whether I would like to come over for a visit. Oh absolutely yes!

Revival Retro London Store

How time flies. Just got an E-mail from London and three weeks later I stroll trough the store. Wearing this lovely Gracy Q autumn dress, this brand will be sold there in spring as well. The headpiece was handmade by Tate Millinery.

Revival Retro London Store

So I had three weeks to jump around happy, collect my favourite outfits, get one of my nails done in Union Jack colours (that’s how girls prepare for a trip…) and spend lots of nights lying awake and looking forward to visiting this fabulous country.

I love England so much (I was a student there three years ago) and was extremely nervous to meet all these gorgeous ladies I followed on social media for so long.

Revival Retro London – A Lady’s best friend

Revival Retro London Shop owner Rowena is such a unique person! She is so full of energy, positivity and passion. The moment you walk into her shop, you feel warm welcomed and just like coming home.
Revival Retro London Store

Lovely Rowena welcoming us in her store.

Revival Retro London Meetup

Rowena started her own business as she became frustrated while searching for a pair of lovely swing shoes on the internet. She said it was so hard to get some perfectly fitting vintage or vintage inspired clothing without having to run through all these second hand shops that only have pieces from the 80s or 90s. So for her this was the perfect reason to change this.

Rowena wanted to stop all these frustrations and create a store that should become a best friend for all those ladies in need of beautiful retro pieces. And this is exactly how the store feels to me.

Revival Retro London Store

As you see no lady will have problems to find her perfect shoes.

Sam and Ella chat with Nora and the other Sam. 

Revival Retro London Meetup

So many great ladies work at Revival Retro London, helping you to get your new favourite dress from the moment you enter the store. They want to create a different shopping experience, contrary to all these big brands where a mass of anonymous people run into the stores chasing for their new, mainstream styles.

That is why at Revival Retro you can find truly special retro outfits, from underwear to shoes, accessories or even men’s clothing!

Revival Retro is located in the heart of central London, just a few minutes away from Oxford Street, Covent Garden or Soho. But it’s also worth come here from further away, as this store is a unique piece all over the city. Furthermore Revival Retro is available via Online Shop as well, delivering all over the countries.

Two days before the Blogger Meet Up at the store I had an amazing photoshoot for Revival Retro. So if you take a closer look, you may see me in some of the photos in the Online Shop. :))

A big „Hello“ to the most adorable Vintage Ladies!

What a tiny world we live in. Instagram and Facebook connects us all over the planet and makes us feel we know a person pretty well, although he or she lives on the other side of the world. We see a little part of their every day lives, their dreams, struggles and journeys through the vintage lifestyle.

Revival Retro London Meetup

Revival Retro London Meetup

Giggling and laughing with Sandra and Nora. 

Revival Retro London Meetup

I love how the internet brings people together with the same passion, love and attitude.

Since Rowena invited me, time has been rushing by so quickly and the next moment we all sat together at one table. We couldn’t believe this was truly happening! Rowena brought in seven ladies from England, Finland and Germany she followed on Instagram for a long time. I was so honoured to be a part of this group!

Revival Retro London Clothing

All of us together. Wilhelmina Af Fera, me, Miss Victory Violet, Retrocat, Norafinds, Death by Deco and Blossomandbuttercups. All these styles you find at Revival Retro London.

It was her big wish to have us all together in her store, chatting, laughing and strolling around her latest clothing arrivals. The day felt like a lot of friends coming together. We tried on our favourite outfits, helped each other finding the right dress, blouse or shoes and got to know each other during a really lovely day.

How the love for one thing connects.

Although all of us ladies love the vintage style, each of us has her unique and special way of dressing and living.

There’s Nora Finds, a very cheerful, funny and international person who loves to combine vintage and retro pieces. She is wearing such amazing outfits everyday and I love her blog. It has been such a pleasure meeting her! Miss Victory Violet, Ella, looks always beautiful in her swing dresses, often combined with petticoats, matching jewellery and perfect hair all the time. She is an idol for many girls around the world. I had my fangirl moments meeting these two lovely ladies.

Revival Retro London

„And now everybody make a silly face!“ No problem!

Sam from Death by Deco and Wilhelmina Af Fera (she’s from Finland!) always look like directly from an original vintage magazine. They are true professionals in finding the best vintage pieces and creating adorable looks. Sam from Blossomandbuttercups is a real Lady. So elegant and classy, and she has the most stunning waist I‘ ever seen. In addition, last but not least, I met Sandra from Retrocat. She came over from Munich. She is always dressed very ladylike, loves to wear pencil dresses and they look so good on her! And there’s been me, maybe a mix of all these styles together. So hasn’t this group been the perfect mixture?

Would you like some more tea, darlin‘?

After all of us met and had a great time at the store, Rowena organized a cute little house to have some delicious afternoon tea together. Afternoon tea is something I really love about the British. It is such a joy to sit down, relax, enjoy some amazing tea and reflect the past hours of the day.

Revival Retro London

Revival Retro London

Lovely sales lady Sarah (right) with Miss Victory Violet and Wilhelmina Af Fera.

Sam of Blossomandbuttercups and myself were sitting next to each other, looking around the room and we truly could not believe this was really happening. Such an amazing day, such adorable ladies and now all of us together enjoying tea. Just one or two days before we were divided by the sea. This was a very special moment to us.

Lovely Photographer Tory accompanied our day with the camera and stylist Adrianna and her friend always helped with a touch up of our make up and hair. So they made sure all of us would get the best pictures from our meeting, which you can see in this post.

Revival Retro London

This lovely dress you find in the Revival Retro Shop, it also came home with me. This headpiece was handmade by the German milliner Tate Millinery.

In the end I can only say again how touched I am to have been part of this event. I’m always feeling like stranger walking around my hometown in my vintage styles. Being together with ladies that have the same passion and taste has been truly special and inspiring.

A big thanks to Rowena and all the Revival Retro London Ladies for inviting us and creating such a special day. I will always keep in my heart.

Revival Retro London

How to find Revival Retro London

Revival Retro Boutique is situated in the heart of London, at 30 Windmill Street. Tube stations nearby are Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street.

The store is open from 11am to 7pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Find more information, and of course the latest retro fashion, on their website.

In the upcoming second part of my Revival Retro London Post I will tell you about our single Photoshoot. I’ll show you some beautiful pictures and present you all the lovely vintage inspired autumn styles.

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