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15. März 2019
„Hallo Schatz“ is a very creative, comfortable and laid-back upcycling show with warm atmosphere. A humorous, nostalgic production for the afternoon – with a lot of love for old stories. 

Hier geht es zum deutschen Blogpost: Hallo Schatz.

As you maybe already noticed, I have worked the last months on set and in front of the camera for a new tv production – „Hallo Schatz“. The title means in German both „hello sweetheart“ but also „hello treasure trove“, referring to old, antique objects. 

I feel very lucky to be part of this new upcycling show, which airs on the German channel ARD, one of the largest public broadcasters. Now that the premiere is in a few days already, I would love to present you some first insights of what we worked on!

Let me show you what my job in front of the camera looked like, what makes our show so special, and I take you to our fairytale-like setting – a beautiful castle. 

All photos taken by Julian Huke / WDR.

Creative work on historical objects – What is „Hallo Schatz“ about? 

We welcome you at Burg Adendorf, a magical residence in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

This is where the presenter of our upcycling show, my sympathic colleague Oli P., receives guests that bring him old treasures and tell him fascinating stories about their objects. 

They ask him to revive these pieces and make them shine in new splendour. Treasures, which have been hidden in cellars or storages, forgotten heirlooms by ancestors or flea market finds full of dust and barely of any use nowadays. 

Their goal is to sell the renewed objects and to fulfill a long-desired wish with the proceeds. 

Oli delivers these pieces to me and it is not seldom that I am quite surprised about how unusual and fancy these treasure are!

Together we evaluate them, speak about their historical worth and decide, which restorer or artist would be best to turn them into a unique, valuable object. 

This is where our mission begins!

Oli receives the old objects. Afterwards in the workshops, the experts and I begin with the first working steps. Here you see me with doll repairer Marcel Offermann.

The upcycling- and restoration-experts arrive at our castle and bring lots of great and astounding ideas. In our workshops we begin with the first steps – making up plans for the process, taking the objects apart. We saw, hammer, clean, polish, screw. 

During these steps, we often make fascinating discoveries and can guess, what an exciting life these pieces had before landing in our hands. 

While the work is being finished by the artists, it is Oli’s task to pull out all the stops and find interested buyers for our unique objects. 

This makes him face all kinds of obstacles, as we do not only need enough money to pay the restorers and their work materials, but also want to raise enough proceeds for the former owners. 

In the final of each episode, all of us meet again at the castle and are astonished about the transformation of the treasures – because it is until the very end that the sellers do not know what we did with their objects!

It is very impressive, what a lot of passion, manual know-how and craftsmanship as well as artistic creation can make out of useless rubbish, but also historically unique, nowadays valueless pieces.

They all turn into very special, personal favourites. 

The results do not only make the buyers happy: With the money they earned, the sellers can make some particular wishes finally come true. 

Our stately „workplace“ – The castle Adendorf

A broad water moat with a swimming duck island, rustling leaves, blooming flowering plants and an old, wooden barn with high roof truss – absolutely magical is the setting of our upcycling show. We welcome you at Burg Adendorf in North Rhine-Westphalia, a stately home which was mainly built in the 17th century.

Surrounded by numerous apple and plum trees, the cheeky (and voracious) farmyard dogs Lotte and Ellis, who could not be any cuter, and a gigantic garden area, the atmosphere was quite impressive.

This dreamy castle was a very special place of work, and I am sure it will also enchant our audience quickly!

Photos: Julian Huke / WDR.

My role in the upcycling show

As I want to answer all the questions that I received regarding my job in this show, of course I also like to tell how I actually got to work here!

I guess you already know after reading my blog, that I studied history of arts and have always been very passionate about history, arts, old stories and historical treasures. This is also one of the reasons why I founded my blog about five years ago.

That is why the editors of „Hallo Schatz“ became aware of me and asked, whether I would be interested in working with them.

After a first personal meeting and rehearsal shoot, which all happened within a few weeks, I was very lucky to become part of the upcycling show.

While presenter Oli is busy with receiving the objects, finding experts and buyers, I give some historical input regarding the treasures. After a bit of exermination I tell about their history, origin and special features, and together with the restorers and artists I begin with the first creative steps.

This is a very fascinating task, which surprises me every day anew. No object looks like the other – from historical automobiles to simple driftwood our guests bring almost everything!

Behind the camera – Work on set

Even though Oli and I are the constants in front of the camera, the team behind „Hallo Schatz“ is a lot bigger.

The recording director on set is responsible for sticking to the schedule, making sure all protagonists are ready, the props are kept handy and the set is ready to shoot.

The „realizator“ keeps the shooting schedule in mind and accompanies the shooting of every single scene – did Oli, the experts and I tell all relevant information, are all necessary camera positions and settings recorded?

In my opinion, „Hallo Schatz“ is also special because of the warm tone in the pictures and its unique, lovely details – which can be accredited to the wonderful camera- and tone team.

A shooting day for „Hallo Schatz“ is quite extensive. Oli and I have to keep a lot of information, numbers and names in mind, something I prepare for every evening on the previous day.

All in all we are about 10-15 persons on set. Though I was the „newbie“, I felt absolutely comfortable and welcome from day one.

Primary worries and fears regarding my performance and my first big TV job soon disappeared during the first days and the work with my kind colleagues. The pleasant atmosphere helped me dive into the nostalgic world of „Hallo Schatz“ very quickly.

Many people asked how it felt working with Oli, who is a singer and actor in Germany and a professional in front of the camera for over 20 years now.

Oli and I became a great team, and work with him always took place at eye level.

We really enjoyed working together, welcoming the old treasures on our castle, listening to the stories of our guests and helping them giving the objects a second, splendid life.

Until then, I only knew him trough the media as a pop singer and was quite surprised, how much interest and passion he has for history and old objects. I can promise, that this does also lead to a few funny situations in the final sales of the episodes!

His cheerful aura infected me as well, though I was extremely nervous in the first weeks of filming.

Hallo Schatz WDR_German Upcycling Show_julianhukephotography.com (4059)
www.instagram.com/julianhukephotography  //   www.julianhukephotography.com

There were a lot of things I had to keep in mind – not to hold my hand over the microphone (which is hidden under my top), always to stand open to the camera, not to forget the main thread despite the relaxed smalltalk, leading the guests to tell the exciting stories, and meanwhile to keep an eye on time… – all aspects that a professional presenter like Oli is used to for years now, while I had to learn all of these quickly.

But especially the talks behind and in front of the camera helped me a lot, as he always lend me an ear when I needed to.

When and where does „Hallo Schatz“ air?

Hallo Schatz runs Saturday, at 10:45 on the German channel ARD. Premiere is on 19th March!

We filmed 30 episodes!

For further insights, behind the scenes views and previews, I can also recommend the (German) Facebook page of our show. It is also possible to watch it online via the Mediathek!

Finally, I would like to emphasize that „Hallo Schatz“ was a unique experience for me – not only a „job“. I have taken the team, the castle, our guests and their stories into my heart and I am super excited regarding the broadcasting!

The whole team worked many, many months for the production of this show.

When we started filming in August, I could hardly imagine that one day I would sit in front of the tv and see the results of our work. Back then, March seemed so far away! And now, next Tuesday, is the day.

Hallo Schatz WDR_JulianHukePhotography

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  • Antworten Ms Sam Doss 26. April 2019 at 23:31

    I am so thrilled for you to have this amazing opportunity! I was raised in a family that bought and sold antiques and so the thrill of it is in my blood. I am new to reading your blog; the first post I saw was the one about finding your personal style. I have always dressed differently, even though I was much like you, very shy and worried about what people thought of me. Now I wear vintage every day and feel so much myself that people are shocked if they see me any other way ;). I intend to read back through your blog. In the meantime, best of luck with your new show!

    • Antworten Vintagemaedchen 29. April 2019 at 11:46

      Hey Sam,

      thanks so much for your kind words!

      I can imagine how magical and fascinating it must be to grow up with antiques. So wonderful that you found yourself in vintage fashion and feel more confident with it! I do not think they are shocked, most people are impressed by us, our courage to be different. <3

      Wishing you a wonderful week,