From William Morris to GDR photography – Retro Wall Art from Posterlounge

14. Dezember 2018

Retro Wall Art from Posterlounge – In this post I am going to show you the newest wall art in my home, all made by the company that supported our Vintage and Charity project.

Maybe you can also find some inspiration for your home – or a Christmas gift. I also got a voucher code for you!

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The supporters of our project Vintage and Charity

As you surely remember, Sophia Molek and I founded our animal welfare project Vintage and Charity last month!

We sold numerous prints of our most popular photographs on Etsy, all for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds were donated to an animal shelter near Leipzig, Gnadenhof Lossa. It is a sanctuary for old and young, abused and diseased pets.

The Leipzig based company Posterlounge played an important role in our donation project, which is something that we are very thankful for!

Back then, I sent them an e-mail to ask about their conditions regarding printing some of our photographs. We were more than surprised about their response, as they offered us to receive all prints for free. This was an amazing help, so we could actually save 100% of the money we earned as donations for the shelter.

In return, I am now happy to show you some of the products of this company. Posterlounge is an online art publisher and family business with inhouse production.

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 2

The special aspect about Posterlounge is on one hand the broad range of classical works of art, which they offer as high quality art prints. On the other hand, they are also a platform for contemporaty artists and photographers.

For this post I was happy to choose my favourite motives and introduce them to you!

My personal favourites from the shop

William Morris – Golden Lily

I first got to know William Morris during my history of arts studies. I fell in love with his extensive, picture filling and natural floral prints. Morris was part of the Arts and Crafts movement during the Victorian Era in England.

In times of the Industrial Revolution, Morris and his colleagues put an emphasis on the return to craftmanship and the beauty of a handcrafted object.

Last year I could visit the London’s V&A and see some of his orginal works, which was a very impressive experience.

Nowadays, one can find his designs on any sorts of objects, whether it is cups, pillows, tapestry or simply as wall art.

Though I really appreciate his art for many years now, I actually never had the idea of buying a reproduction for my own flat!

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 8

Nahla also seems to be quite happy with our new retro wall art! This is the perfect place to snuggle down and have a cozy nap. 

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 9

When looking for a Morris piece in the webshop, his „Golden Lily“ caught my eye.

Very important for his art were the colour schemes. This combination of various warm red- and brown tones are emphasized by this brilliant and high quality acrylig glass print. Furthermore, the brushwork looks pin-sharp on the glass.

To my eyes, this design also matches our old furniture in a wonderful way, such as my beloved secretary.

Clarence Coles Philipps

Posterlounge also offers a wide range of works by the American illustrator Clarence Coles Phillips, who became known with his „fadeaway girls“ around 1900.

His use of negative space was especially appreciated by publishing houses, this is why his works were printed on the covers of magazines various times.

The illustration I chose was named „Know all men by the presents“ and had adorned the cover of Life Magazine in 1927.

I adore the dreamy and thoughtful mood of the picture. The light wooden frame creates a wonderful harmony with the tones of the objects that are shown in the top of the picture.

The acrylic print, which I chose for all of my motives, provides the pictures with a very exclusive look.

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 10

Here you see the surface and the wooden frame in detail.
All the photos for this post were taken by Sophia Molek.  

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 3

GDR – Photography from Leipzig

I am especially happy about the atmospheric photographs of my beloved Leipzig, which portrait the city in GDR times.

To pick three motives among all the nostalgic photos was quite a task! The photos were taken in the late 1960s. I also still know all the places that are shown in the pictures, though they may look completely different nowadays.

The rainy Milchbar, a café right at the market place where I love to have coffee sometimes, could still maintain its beautiful illuminated lettering. The cinema Capitol does not exist anymore, it was a very popular venue for the citizens of Leipzig. The Ring-Messehaus (a trade fair house) in the third picture does host a hotel these days.

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 6

I recently saw the photo of the Milchbar in the common room at Posterlounge and immediately fell in love.  

My selection shows you, how diverse the motives in the shop are. With a portfolio of several thousands of motives, I am sure there is something for every taste.

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 6

I especially love this series, as it connects me with the past of my favourite city.

It creates a cozy atmosphere and makes me cuddle under my blanket, while the night is drawing near over the Messehaus and the Milchbar sinks in the grey rain.

Various sizes and materials for your individual retro wall art

Of course, Posterlounge offers various sizes and materials besides their numerous motives. In my case, I chose acrylic glass, as it especially emphasizes the strong colours and lets the pictures look more vivid.

Whereas for our Vintage and Charity sale, Sophia and I chose the posters, which is the most typical selection with the lowest price. But even those prints have a very certain, slightly haptic surface, as you can see in the picture below.

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge

Furthermore, they offer for example Forex prints, which are hard foam panels with a semi-matte surface. They are very lightweight and sturdy, which is why this material is one of the most popular one for prints.

High quality frames made of wood are also available for many motives!

Your own wall art from Posterlounge:
A discount and giveaway for all readers!

On time before Christmas Posterlounge created a discount code for all my readers, to save 20% on your next order!

The code is named VINTAGE20 and is valid until 31st January 2019. It is redeemable all around Europe, such as on  It cannot be combined with other discounts. Simply enter the code in the basket!

On 15th December at 10am I also start a giveaway on my Instagram page, where you can win a 100€ voucher for this online shop!

Wanddeko bei Posterlounge 3

So, my walls are happy about our new retro wall art, and Nahla, Simba and me of course as well! 

Maybe you also found some inspiration for your own walls, or even some lovely Christmas gifts? 

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