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1. November 2018

With our animal welfare project – Vintage and Charity – we initiated a project of the heart. We want to make a small contribution to an animal welfare organization – which can only work with your support!

Die deutsche Version des Beitrages findest du hier: Vintage and Charity – Unterstütze unsere Tierschutz-Spendenaktion!

Vintage and Charity is a project founded by my friend and photographer, Sophia, and me, to collect – together with your help – donations for animals in need.

We want to sell some of our most popular photographs in a limited edition and donate 100% of the proceeds to a local animal shelter.

What our project looks like, how you can support us and where the donations will be going is what I am showing you in the following post!

Sophia and Victoria Tierschutz-Spendenaktion_Vintage and Charity (1)

Sophia and me, together with the print of our picture „Canotier“. 

Your support for Rosi, Cassie, Max and their furriends
– Living in the sanctuary of Lossa

During our search for a local non-profit animal organization that we would love to support with your donations we found the animal sanctuary in Lossa near Leipzig.

This animal sanctuary exists since 2002 and has set itself the task of giving diseased, abused, young and old pets a loving and caring home. Of course they also aim to find a sheltered and protected place in a family for as many of their fosterlings as possible.

It was our deep wish to support a local association. We wanted to be able to visit the animals that we support with your money, to see how their humans are caring for them, and to get to know all the dogs, cats and rabbits that will receive the donations.

Our visit at the animal shelter of Lossa

Our visit at the animal shelter Gnadenhof Lossa impressed us lastingly and from the bottom of our hearts. All the love, commitment, energy and time each of the volunteers is spending for the welfare of these fur babies is really exemplary!

On the grounds of this shelter mainly live dogs, cats and rabbits, while cats are the biggest number among the forsterlings. Many of these beautiful babies suffered a hard fate before finding a loving and safe home in Lossa.

As we met these pets, their warm and soft eyes expressed to much curiosity and optimism. Some of them, especially cats, have to restore confidence in mankind and are quite shy, others were sitting at the windows of their rooms watching their humans prepare their tasty dinner.

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (7)

All of these fluffy babies have great enclosures, outside as well as inside, filled with mountains of hay. 

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (13)

A majority of the pets in Lossa are cats. Because of a serious bacteria infection many of them have to be quarantined at the moment. The costs for the veterinary make one of the biggest financial aspects for such a shelter. This is what our donations would be a great help for! 

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (19)

Rosi was born in 2006 and has a very gentle heart. Unfortunately, nobody has shown interest in her yet. I really, really hope this girl can experience the comfort of a loving home one day!

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (1)

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (23)

Many of these pets grew up in hoarder houses, which means they were kept in a large number of pets without the ability to proper care for them.

This animal shelter cooperates closely with the veterinary inspection office and is a central point of contact for pets that have to be taken out of their homes. Over 130 pets arrived in Lossa this year!

The volunteers spend all their leisure time and even parts of their private finances for this non-profit organization. For instance we met a lady, who is working full-time, comes to the shelter regularly to care about the pets, and even raises eleven cats at heir own, private home!

Of course a lot of these endearing fur babies are open for adoption. So if you live around Saxony and want to enable of of these fosterlings to live a cared life, this shelter would be more than thankful. And the one happy four-legged friend even more!

It is indescribable how much love and honesty a pet gives back to us, as soon as we open our hearts for him or her.

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (19)

Max is a very sincere little boy. He was hit by a car and left alone by his parents. This is why we were more than happy to hear that he is moving into a new family soon! 

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (19)

Cassie has been living over two years in Lossa. She is such a kind and loving soul, but unfortunately nearly blind. The volunteers guess that she will spend the rest of her life in this shelter. 

GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (21)

So we left the shelter of Lossa with mixed feelings. We know that these pets are safe, cared and loved. That there are such great women and men who dedicated their work to the welfare of these beings, while putting their own interests aside.

Yet we were also sad about what humans do to innocent creatures. Otherwise, such a shelter would not have to exist.

A big thanks goes to Katrin Schumann and her team for the warm welcome and also for working so hard to make the lives of these pets so much more worth living. For us, you are real heroes! 

What exactly do we sell? Our „Vintage and Charity“ Prints

We print local – and watched the start of the production live!

We are so happy that the Leipzig based online art publisher Posterlounge offered to provide us with prints in amazing quality – free of charge!

They even invited us to watch our first series of photographs come to life on paper, while showing us around their inhouse production.  Here on Instagram I posted some photos and videos where you can see how our prints are made, and our thankful and happy faces because of this wonderful collaboration.

Our offers for you – the motives

Sophia and I chose 16 different motives to offer you for sale.

Part of these photographs is for example the picture we named „Momo“, which we took about two years ago in Leipzig’s cozy French coffee place Café Mâitre. Until today, this work is one of our most liked and shared one on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. „Momo“ became very special to us in the past years and we are very thankful to see that you feel the same about this portrait!

Our choice of pictures covers different eras in style and atmosphere. A recently shot photo we named „Jane“, as we had Jane Austen and Jane Eyre in our minds while doing this series.

You will also find some relaxed afternoon photos, taken on Sophia’s rooftop terrace and inspired by the 1950s, these could make some lovely kitchen decorations! Furthermore, we offer quite artistic, fairytale-like and very intensely coloured pictures shot in front of a stunning rose tendril, dreamy shots in the middle of nature and landscape, but also photographs between 1940s fashion, romantic coffee-house atmosphere and numerous old and dusty books.

Well, simply all the motives that Sophia and I have a very close connection to.

Limited edition – Size and number of prints

We offer our photos in 20 x 30 cm (for 19,90€) and 30 x 40cm (for 26,95€). We also chose five of our community’s favourites, which will be available in 30 x 40cm plus a black wooden frame (49,90€).

Because of the uniform sizes, similar styles and colours that Sophia created in her beautiful and very nostalgic photographs, they match perfectly next to each other and can also be bought together in numbers of two, three or four.

All in all, in our Vintage and Charity project we offer a limited amount of 150 prints. We limited the number of prints, because on one hand we have no real idea about how all of you will react to our idea, and on the other hand we are „only“ two people and want to get sales and shipping done in November, so it can arrive at your home right before Christmas!

Tierschutz-Spendenaktion_Vintage and Charity (4)

Motive „Diana“

Tierschutz-Spendenaktion_Vintage and Charity (1)

Motive „Bookshop“

Tierschutz-Spendenaktion_Vintage and Charity (4)

Motive „Canotier“

Tierschutz-Spendenaktion_Vintage and Charity (2)

Motive „Gloves“

Plus you will know that this one picture you bought will not be hanging in more than two or three other people’s places, so these prints are quite unique!

So you can both support an amazing charity project, and also find some exclusive photographs for your wall, or even some wonderful Christmas gifts for a friend!

Start of our Vintage and Charity project – Where, How, When?

Sales start on Sunday, November 4th, at 10 am CET at

Get directly to the shop via this link!

Our shop is an Etsy shop. It will be online from 4th til 18th November. On 18th November we start packing and shipping all orders, so everything will arrive before Christmas and you can also use it as a gift.

We ship internationally, to every place you wish! Only please keep in mind that in this case we cannot pay the shipping ourselves, as we want to collect as much money to donate as possible.

If you have any more questions or wishes regarding your order, such as a personal note for example, please let us know in the small message field that pops up during the payment process.

Photo Examples GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (8)
Victoria Tierschutz-Spendenaktion_Vintage and Charity (1)

The framed version of our print „Momo“. 

And now this is my question to you, dearest reader: Would you support us with our Vintage and Charity project? 

We are very happy about feedback, ideas, hints – and of course about every cent that we can collect for our animal welfare project and the animal sanctuary of Lossa. 

Sophia and I thank you – from the bottoms of our hearts – for your time and support!

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