We sell our photographs – A charity project for the Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig

30. Oktober 2019

Our charity project for the Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig. With the animal charity campaign Vintage and Charity we brought 2018 a heart project into being, in order to make a small contribution to the topic of animal welfare.

And also this year we would like to collect donations, in order to support a great project in Leipzig, which is for many years a large support for the smallest of our animal friends. All of this is only possible with your help!

Finde die deutsche Version des Beitrag hier: Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig

1 Wild Bird Rescue Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig Spendenaktion Fotografien Vintagemaedchen (1)

Vintage and Charity is a project that my friend and photographer Sophia and I started in 2018 to help raise money for animals in need. Last year, we selected some of our most popular photographs and sold them in a limited edition to donate 100% of the proceeds to a local animal welfare organisation. Thanks to you, the incredible amount of 1700€ was donated to the Gnadenhof Lossa.

With your donations, the shelter has made great strides in building a new house for emergency kittens, which is now fully constructed, furnished and inhabited by numerous large and small fur babies.

Due to the wonderful success and the great and moving realization that animal welfare is as important to you as it is to Sophia and me, we would like to enter the second round of this year’s project.

What exactly #VintageandCharity 2019 looks like, how you can support us and where  your donation will go, I will show you in this article.

Your support for the little sparrows, swifts, turtledoves and their feathered friends – the tender protégés of Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig

In our search for an organization, which we would like to support with your donations, we decided this time for the Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig. The Wild Bird Rescue belongs to the German Nature Conservation Union NABU. Sophia is an active member of NABU herself and has already supported several rescue missions of the Wild Bird Rescue directly on site.

The work of Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig

This non-profit association has made it its task to offer safety, protection and care to injured, sick birds and lonely young, animals until they are able to live independently in freedom again.

All the animals that end up in the Wild Bird Rescue are in need due to human influences – whether flown against window panes, walled into walls (intentionally) on building sites, injured by bird-catching adhesives, involved in accidents in artificially created river courses…the emergency stories of these small, tender animals are dramatic.

Our visit at the Wild Bird Rescue „Wildvogelhilfe“ Leipzig

Our visit to the Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig moved and impressed us deeply. The Wildvogelhilfe lives solely from donations and consists to a large extent of a single volunteer – Karsten.

vogelnest Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (31) small

Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (41) small

Mauersegler Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (15) small

Karsten has dedicated his entire life to saving birds. From spring to autumn he lives in an allotment garden, from where he carries out his rescue missions (on average three times a day – 1000 a year!) and feeds all the animals himself in self-made aviaries.

How much love, passion, devotion, time and effort Karsten puts into the care of the birds is simply exemplary and can hardly be put into words. Hedgehogs, bats and squirrels also sometimes find their way to his emergency station.

He told us that he can take a maximum of 20 animals at the same time, because otherwise his capacities – time, space and money for food and medicine – are exhausted. However, he added that he often had no other choice and that he sometimes had to feed 40-50 animals at the same time. Free days and weekends are not possible, all strength flows into the care of the birds.

During our visit a small emergency arrived at the station. A pied flycatcher flew against a window and was found by a passenger. The head and the eye of the animal were swollen, it was very dizzy. Karsten said that these injuries were extremely frequent. If an impact injured eye is not treated immediately, there is a very high risk that the bird will go blind.

With first eye drops – whereby the drop seemed enormously large even in comparison to the tiny little eye of the animal – worse can be prevented. The animal, like hundreds of others during the course of the year, is now coddled up by Karsten before it can return to freedom.

Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (5) small

 Karsten carefully picks up the newcomer. 

Trauerschnäpper Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (6) small
Trauerschnäpper Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (31) small

After extensive care and feeding by Karsten, Sophia was allowed to put the small, still somewhat dazed pied flycatcher into the aviary.

vogelnest Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (31) small

Voliere Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (41) small

Then it was feeding time! Some swifts were also in Karsten’s care at the time of our visit. Many nesting places of the swifts are lost today due to building renovations.

The result is that the swift has already had to be put on the red list of endangered breeding birds. So every single creature that replenishes Karsten is very important for our native biodiversity.

Mauersegler Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (15) small

The birds consume crickets, whose legs have been removed. They must always be fed with the head first, so the little beak can swallow the food best.

Mauersegler Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (15) small

Mauersegler Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (15) small

I’ve never held a birdie in my hand before. It touched me very much how incredibly light and delicate this seemingly fragile creature is.

Mauersegler Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig - Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig (5) small

The birdie looks so tiny in my (comparatively) big hand, the plumage so incredibly soft and the beak so pert and curious directed into the camera – I have looked at the picture so many times and am still totally in love with the little animal! I very much hope that, meanwhile, it has arrived safe and sound in its old home again.

So we left the garden with mixed emotions. Knowing full well that these animals are safe here and cared for. That there are great people – with Karsten deserving most of the credit – who have dedicated themselves to their welfare and even often put their own interests aside.

And yet also sad about what man through his ruthlessness can do to an innocent being. Otherwise such an institution would not even have to exist.

Thanks to Karsten for the so impressive reception in your sanctuary and also for doing everything you can to save the lives of so many small and large birds. For us you are a hero!

What do we sell? The „Vintage and Charity“ products

We produce local – and even took part in the first prints!

We are very lucky that this year the Leipzig company L-Arts will provide us with all prints in highest quality and free of charge! L-Arts is….

To see how our pictures on paper are brought to life, we were even invited into the production and were allowed to watch the printing and cutting of our works. Find some photos from our visit in this Instagram post.

In addition to the photo prints, which we have in our assortment again this year, we would like to offer three more products produced by L-Arts.

Three different postcard-sets – on wonderful paper

With our fantastic postcard sets on three different themes, you’ll get great cards that you can frame, give away or send! We’ve left the backs of the cards blank, so you’re free to use them as you please. One of the sets features romantic shots of our poppies photo series, another contains motifs we shot in the sunset on a Phacelia flower meadow.

The third set consists of our favourite still lifes, such as a cosy coffee table, an old poetry book or an autumn fruit basket – these motifs are perfect for all kinds of occasions!

Postcard Sets Wild Bird Rescue Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig Spendenaktion Fotografien Vintagemaedchen (26)

The romantic bookmark-set

I love bookmarks, I have been using my favourite ones for many years! We are very happy to decorate even three wonderful bookmarks with our work, which should make the joy of reading even more beautiful for you. This set is also perfect as a small Christmas present!

Lesezeichen Bookmark

Lesezeichen Wild Bird Rescue Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig Spendenaktion Fotografien Vintagemaedchen (9)

The beautiful postcard-desk-calendar

With this calendar we have fulfilled a secret dream. Here we have united our most beautiful motifs from recent years, thematically matching each month. This calendar should accompany you affectionately by the new year.

It consists of a small wooden stand – which were kindly handmade by a local carpenter! – and 13 cards that you can change every month. Sophia has added the months and days in a very delicate, timeless design and designed the individual monthly pages in a Polaroid look so that you can use them as postcards right after the end of the month!

9 Wild Bird Rescue Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig Spendenaktion Fotografien Vintagemaedchen (32)

Sophia and I love this calendar so much that we will both buy one of them for our own desk.

Desk Calendar Wild Bird Rescue Wildvogelhilfe Leipzig Spendenaktion Fotografien Vintagemaedchen (18)

Many thanks to L-Arts, who made these postcards, bookmarks and calendars in such great quality and on their most beautiful paper free of charge.

The photo-prints

We are very lucky that the Leipzig company Posterlounge has provided us with all these photo prints in highest quality. Posterlounge is a Leipzig art publisher and online shop for murals with in-house production.

We offer our motives in the size 20 x 30 cm and 30 x 40 cm. Due to the uniform sizes, similar styles and the wonderfully nostalgic, warm atmosphere created by Sophia in each of the pictures, they can also be beautifully placed several times next to each other on the wall!

Photo Examples GnadenhofLossa-Vintage and Charity - Tierschutz-Spendenaktion (8)

With all these products, you can not only support a great animal welfare project, but you can also look forward to newly acquired photos as decoration for your home, or even as a gift for a loved one!

Start of our animal welfare fundraising campaign – Where, how, when?

Sales will start on 3rd November at 10:00 German time viaVintageandCharity.com.

Here is the direct link to the shop!

Our shop is an Etsy-Shop. It will be online from 3rd November to 24th November 8pm. After sales close we will pack and ship all photos and your order BEFORE Christmas. Please keep in mind that in this case we will not be able to cover the shipping costs, as we of course want to collect as much as possible for the fundraising campaign.

If you have any additional wishes for your purchase, such as a personal signature, you can leave us a message when you pay on Etsy.

You can also support us directly with a donation!

If you simply don’t know what to do with the products we offer – which is completely okay! – and would still like to send a donation, you can send it directly to the PayPal address set up by us: victoria@vintageandcharity.com.

We will give these donations bundled with all proceeds from the sale to Karsten. Thank you very much in advance for your great help!

And now it’s your turn! We are pleased about feedback, suggestions, tipps – and naturally about each cent, which will benefit our animal protection donation action and the Wild Bird Rescue Leipzig.

Sophia,  all the little and even smaller feathered friends of Wildvogelhilfe and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time and support!

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