Acrylic Glass and Wood Prints from Posterlounge – Have small Bird Wedding at your home

25. Juni 2019

Beautiful wood prints from Posterlounge – In this post I am going to show you some lovely, sommery wall art, all made by the company that supported our Vintage and Charity project in such a wonderful way.

Maybe you can find some (feathered) inspiration for your own home. I also got a voucher code for you!

Die deutsche Version des Beitrags findest du hier: Holzprints von Posterlounge.


Holzprints von Posterlounge Vögel - Wood Prints Birds

The supporters of our project Vintage & Charity

As you surely remember, Sophia Molek and I founded our animal welfare project Vintage and Charity in November.

We sold numerous, high quality prints of our most popular photographs on Etsy -all for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds were donated to an animal shelter near Leipzig, the so-called Gnadenhof Lossa. It is a sanctuary for old and young, abused and diseased pets.

The Leipzig based company Posterlounge played an important role in our donation project, which is something that we are very thankful for!

Posterlounge printed all our photographs for free. This was an amazing help, so we could actually save 100% of the money we earned as donations for the shelter!

In the end, we collected 1.700€ for the animals, a success that we never expected and are very, very grateful for.

Holzprints von Posterlounge - Wood Prints (2)

In return, I am now happy to show you some further products of this company. Posterlounge is an online art publisher and family business with inhouse production.

The special aspect about Posterlounge is on one hand the broad range of classical works of art, which they offer as high quality art prints. On the other hand, they are also a platform for contemporary artists and photographers.

After I showed in my last article a selection of the retro wall art prints from Posterlounge, which now decorate my own walls, this time Sophia was allowed to choose some great prints for her home.

A completely different style than mine, but again wonderful works of art.

Sophia’s favourite motifs from the shop

Sophia has made her decision based on topics which are very close to her heart and which she now wants to express in her home – nature and animals.

She is also active in bird protection at the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) and is especially committed to a bird and insect friendly environment, which you can see on her Instagram page as well.

There she gives for example tips for a bird and insect-friendly balcony, the correct keeping of houseplants or also ideas for garbage avoidance.

Suitably to these aspects, Sophia arranged herself now for example her own small bird wedding – watercolour motifs printed on wood.

The small Bird Wedding – Wood Prints from Posterlounge

I really love the collection of tiny, cute birds as wood prints. Light, delicate and bright motifs that blend in perfectly with the wall decoration of Sophia’s apartment between the fragile dried flowers, green flowing pot plants and cacti.

The Hamburg based artist „Dearpumpernickel“ herself writes about her works that she loves delicate, fragile things and that her goal is to capture the soul of animals in her paintings.

The wren, a tiny feathered creature weighing only nine grams, is therefore almost perfect for this selection. The robin, the early riser among the birds, seems to be particularly proud of its magnificent red breast.

Holzprints von Posterlounge Zaunkönig - Wood Prints Wren

Wren and Robin. Sophia chose all her bird motifs as wood prints from Posterlounge in the size 13 x 18 cm

Holzprints von Posterlounge Rotkehlchen - Wood Prints (2)

Personally, I love swallows very much. The now unfortunately endangered songbird impresses me again and again with its beautiful feather splendour and the long, curved tail.

As you can see, the artist lets the little bird sing a song. Fidirallala…

Sophia chose the blue tit for the carriage of four. In this picture I especially like the colour design – the blue cap on top of the face, ready to jump – according to its typical lively way.

With these motives she deliberately chose wood as material to give expression to the natural, gentle character of the animals.

I also think that the bright colours on the wood surface are very brilliant and all wood prints from Posterlounge are virtually unique, as each of the wood surfaces has an individual grain, true to nature.

Holzprints von Posterlounge Vögel - Wood Prints Wall Art Birds
Swallow, Blue Tit and Robin – together in their new home.
The birds are a wonderful match for Sophia’s plant collection!

Joie de Vivre and Vitamins

The other two wood prints from Posterlounge are somewhat more modern and unusual.

The artist Florent Bodart seems to be very fond of different kinds of means of transportation, and has turned two bicycles into bikes rich in vitamins: orange wheels as high bikes, lemon for racing bikessport and healthy nutrition in one.

Since the wooden material is somewhat wider, they can also be placed between other decorative elements on shelves or the desk.

A sweet idea, see for yourself!

Holzprints von Posterlounge - Wood Prints (2)

Holzprints von Posterlounge - Wood Prints (2)

…and further with the topic bicycle

Since we are now on the subject of bicycles – here is completely different style, both in design and material.

I had not expected to see the last motifs from Sophia’s new Posterlounge collection in her case – very modern, bright yellow and graphically designed. She herself, like me, travels daily in Leipzig on her bicycle and would like to hang her beloved bike on the wall of her apartment soon.

And it is exactly for this hanging that she has chosen the bright-yellow pictures, which are framed acrylic prints. The printing is done behind a 5mm thick acrylic glass plate.

The glossy surface in glass captivates particularly its bright colors with depth effect. In addition, the prints are very easy-care and stable!

Holzprints von Posterlounge Acryl Cycling - Wood Prints

For these acrylic prints, Sophia chose the size 30 x 30 cm.

Holzprints von Posterlounge Acryl Cycling - Wood Prints Fahrrad

Various sizes and materials for your individual retro wall art

Of course, Posterlounge offers various sizes and materials besides their numerous motives.

In Sophia’s case acrylic glass especially emphasizes the strong colours and lets the pictures look more vivid. Her new wood prints from Posterlounge, on the other hand, look very natural and go very well with animal motifs.

Holzprints von Posterlounge Vogel - Wood Prints Bird

Here you can see the contrast between wood prints and a framed acrylic picture.  

Holzprints von Posterlounge Acrylglas - Wood Prints and Glass (2)

Furthermore, they offer for example Forex prints, which are hard foam panels with a semi-matte surface. They are very lightweight and sturdy, which is why this material is one of the most popular one for prints.

You can also choose high-quality wood and aluminium frames – depending on the motif. Available are black and white for the real wood frames and gold and mahogany for the aluminium frames.

Your own wall art from Posterlounge:
A discount for all readers!

That you too can give your apartment a fresh summer coat of wall art, Posterlounge created a discount code for all my readers – to save 20% on your next order!

Posterlounge Voucher Code: VINTAGE20

The code is named VINTAGE20 and is valid until 14th July 2019 for all products in the shop. It is redeemable all around Europe, such as on It cannot be combined with other discounts. Simply enter the code in the basket!

So, Sophia’s walls are now enjoying new pictures, the birds have come to sing together and the bikes are ready for their next tour.

Maybe you could find some inspiration to bring some fresh air into your sunny apartment?

Wood Prints Holz Prints von Posterlounge - Rotkehlchen

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